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VADP Backup Limitations


I am reading VMware Integration Guide for the 7.6 SP2 RA. I do not understand why there are so many limitations, after waiting 2 years for Networker to support the vStorageAPI.

For example:

- File-level recovery is supported only on VMs that have a Windows operating system with the NTFS-5 file system.

- Note: When Changed Block tracking (CBT) is enabled, incremental and differential backups are supported only for Windows virtual machines, and all attached disks must be NTFS file systems.
- Note also that CBT-based incremental backups are always file based. Image level recovery from a CBT-based incremental backup is not supported.
- VADP-Proxy is only running on Windows
- For non-Windows VMs: If using traditional NetWorker client-based backups along with VADP image based backups for the same VM client, ensure that the browse policy for the client-based backups does not exceed the frequency of VADP image based backups. This practice is recommended because the indices of client-based backups may have to be removed prior to image-level recovery. ==> this seems to be a critial bug and doesn't exists with VCB-backup NW < 7.6.2 !!!
It seems that all this limitations are founded at EMC Networker not vStorageAPI. Other Backup solutions does not have these many limits. Are there any plans to correct this in the near future (maybe GA Version)?
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