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Re: VADP Backup Limitations

Hi PaddyX,

Thank you for your feedback on the VMware VADP support released with NetWorker 7.6 SP2. The support we’ve released has gone a long way to catching up with the features our customers expect for their VMware environments. In the NetWorker 7.6 SP2 release, we introduced these new VMware features:

  • Integrated with vStorage API for Data Protection (VADP)
    • Option to leverage change block tracking (CBT) feature –reduces backup processing
  • Single Step VM Recovery

    • Same/different VC/ESX server
    • Original or new virtual machine
  • File Level Recoveries (FLR) from image backups
  • Single NetWorker VADP/FLR proxy options
    • Physical or virtual server
    • NetWorker Storage Node support, including with DD Boost
    • Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2003 OS support
  • Data Domain DD Boost or Avamar Grid deduplication backups

To reply directly to your concerns:

  • File level recoveries for Linux VM image backups is under development for both NetWorker and Avamar

  • Additional platforms for VADP proxies are under development for both NetWorker and Avamar. For NetWorker, support for Linux proxies is planned. For Avamar, support for Windows proxies is planned, along with support for the latest Windows operating systems with FLR proxies

  • The recent NetWorker 7.6S P2 RA Refresh Build and the upcoming GA release added improvements for Linux/UNIX VM’s, including better support for VADP and in-guest backups for the same VMs

  • Changed Block Tracking (CBT) support is good, but there is still some work to do in this area. One thing to consider is the use of NetWorker Dedicated Storage Nodes with DD Boost on the VADP Proxies. Our QA team is currently benchmarking this configuration and based upon the great DD Boost performance we are seeing with other applications, expect great VADP performance as well.

We appreciate your comments as they do have an impact on product direction.


Allan & the NetWorker Team

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