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Re: VADP Backup Limitations

Yeah, at first I was told that was the only way to do it, using hotadd or san... but subsequent research has shown that nbd/nbdssl should work like older VCB did..   I've been trying to get nbd/nbdssl working but with no success so far, time for a support call.

EDIT: I was just reviewing the "762_VMware_Integration_Guide.pdf" document which states: "The VADP proxy host must have access to all LUNs on the ESX server that is hosting the virtual machines".. which is where I got the idea that the VADP proxy must reside on the same host with access to the LUNs hosting datastores, that and a EMC Engineer indicated this to me in my initial discussions after having a Networker server fail unrecoverably. Its clear now that this refers to hotadd and san modes only, not nbd and nbdssl.

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