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recover error : cannot see the needed volume. NW 7.4SP4

Hi everybody,

I'v see there others discussion about it but no one resolved my problem.

Like the others, I'v a SSID I want to restore, see it in my media, but when I run cmd recover, it cannot see the needed volume.

I do all the things I see differents discussions :

my SSID ( 1683816600 ) is on these volumes ( FULLSDLT.010 and FULLSDSLT.011) :

- 1 : check the device :

run the scanner cmd, scanner -i \\.\Tape1

then run nsrck -L6

nscrk -L7 -t datetime

2- : verify information :

mminfo -av -q etc....

the report seems to be ok :

I see my volume ( FULLSDLT.010 and FULLSDSLT.011) the SSID ( 1683816600 ) and the level ( FULL) and is it recoverable ( flag vF)

3- run cmd recover :

mount the volume on device

recover -d destination -s nsrserver -S ssid /myoriginalpath

and then the error : cannot see the needed volume.

So for now, I don't know what to do more. I'm dreaming about a cmd that force networker to read the SSID on device, something like this :

recover -d <destination> -s <networkerserver> \\.\Tape1 -S <ssid>

It is very frustrating to see in NMC the volumes with SSID recoverable, see in scanner command that it see the SSID on the volume, volumes are correctly mounted, and then it cannot find the volumes..... argh... 

Anyone have a good new incredible fantastic magic idea ? 

Thanks a lot,


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