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Re: query tape media block size

Load the tape into drive and run the scanner command. Syntax here below,

scanner -v <device_name>

this command will read through the tape information, wait for  few seconds seconds after the scanner starts, it will report the block size and other information. Hit ctrl+c to stop scanner. You don't have to wait for entire tape scanner to complete.

Here is an example output,

# scanner -v /dev/nst0

8909:scanner: using '/dev/nst0' as the device name

9000:scanner: /dev/nst0: opened for reading

9003:scanner: /dev/nst0: rewinding

9067:scanner: Rewinding done

8968:scanner: Reading the label...

8969:scanner: Reading the label done

8936:scanner: scanning LTO Ultrium-5 tape E01004L4 on /dev/nst0

96367:scanner: volume id 4110497332 record size 262144 bytes

  created  3/12/15 12:16:12 expires  3/11/17 12:16:12

9003:scanner: /dev/nst0: rewinding

9067:scanner: Rewinding done

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