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Re: Shared Library with EMC NetWorker and one Storage Node

Hrvoje, you were right, thanks.
putting 2 drives into a new zone and a "scan for devices" is all that was needed.
Unfortunately this did not solve my performance issue.
After doing some performance tests I am a bit confused...
All IP devices are using 10Gb, every connected switch confirms that they are connected by 10Gb.
To prove this I copied some large iso files around the network, from the storagenode to a client and vice versa. The performance was ok by arround 300- 400MB/s.
The backups are running with about 500- 600MB/s, I can see this on the Switch and in NMC on the DDBoost Device.
So I would say: there is no network issue.
This in turn leads to: the DD/ DDBoost is not able to read faster then 1Gb/s, because thats the speed I get out.
But.... thats impossible.
By the way:
DD/ DDboost


Model: DD670


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