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Networker 8.2 :: although deleting the expired saveset manually, Disk Space not decreased

I have noted that the saveset was not deleted Automatically & keeps the backup savesets for more than 2 months & disk space getting full. the retention policy is 16 Days.

[root@nebrser ~]# df -h

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/sda8              44G  3.2G   38G   8% /

tmpfs                  16G     0   16G   0% /dev/shm

/dev/sda5             218G   60M  207G   1% /backup

/dev/sda1             142M   74M   61M  55% /boot

/dev/sda6             218G   60M  207G   1% /home

/dev/sda7             201G   29G  162G  16% /nsr

/dev/sda3             4.0G  8.4M  3.7G   1% /tmp

/dev/sda9             134G  564M  127G   1% /var

/dev/mapper/mpath0p1  7.3T  6.3T  660G  91% /nsrstore_0

/dev/mapper/mpath1p1  7.3T  6.3T  661G  91% /nsrstore_1

/dev/mapper/mpath2p1  7.3T  6.3T  653G  91% /nsrstore_2


                       97M  6.0M   86M   7% /etc/nsradv/DisasterFiles

[root@nebrser ~]#


[root@nebrser ~]# nsrim -X

88411:nsrim: Checking for invalid volumes

86069:nsrim: Processing 155 clients




86068:nsrim: Managing 3 volumes.

nebrser.001: 6720 GB used,  2786 save sets, appendable, 16 browsable save sets, 1 recoverable save sets, 2769 recyclable save sets

nebrser.002: 6720 GB used,  3189 save sets, appendable, 14 browsable save sets, 3175 recyclable save sets

nebrser.003: 6733 GB used,  3037 save sets, appendable, 14 browsable save sets, 1 recoverable save sets, 3022 recyclable save sets

86073:nsrim: Compressing media database.

[root@nebrser ~]#


I have deleted the savesets older than 25th April but the space still the same.

mminfo -avot -q "savetime <= '25 April 2017'"  -r 'ssid' | while read line ; do echo $line &&  nsrmm -dy -S $line ; done

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