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Re: Networker 8.2 :: although deleting the expired saveset manually, Disk Space not decreased

There is a discrepancy between how much space NetWorker is using vs. how much the file system reports is being used. For each device, the file system through “df -h” shows 400 GB+ usage that is unaccounted for from the mminfo output.

volume               written  (%) 

nebrser.001          184 GB

nebrser.002          186 GB

nebrser.003          201 GB

Filesystem                              Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/mapper/mpath0p1              7.3T  6.3T 660G  91% /nsrstore_0

/dev/mapper/mpath1p1              7.3T  6.3T 661G  91% /nsrstore_1

/dev/mapper/mpath2p1              7.3T  6.3T 653G  91% /nsrstore_2

Please verify the usage by:

  1. Display the volume name, and the device they are mounted on:   nsrmm -C
  2. Use mminfo to display all the saveset id numbers and their corresponding saveset sizes:
    • mminfo -avot -r volume,ssid,sumsize  nebrser.001 | sort > nebrser001.txt 2>&1
    • mminfo -avot -r volume,ssid,sumsize  nebrser.002 | sort > nebrser002.txt 2>&1
    • mminfo -avot -r volume,ssid,sumsize  nebrser.003 | sort > nebrser003.txt 2>&1
  3. Since your NetWorker devices are configure as simple file devices, then for each saveset, there will be a file where the device is created, and the file name will be the saveset id number.  For example, on my NetWorker server, you see mminfo reporting a saveset with ssid=4279458770, and on the file system, there is a corresponding file 4279458770.0.  (The space that this ssid occupies is slightly larger due to overhead).

mminfo -avot -r volume,ssid,sumsize

volume               ssid                    size

               Default.001         4279458770          82 KB

dir  C:\temp\file-device

05/10/2017  02:29 PM           131,072          4279458770.0

05/10/2017  02:19 PM                47                nsr.dir

05/10/2017  02:19 PM            65,536            volume

The ssid list in step #2 and #3 should be identical. The corresponding sizes should also be similar, with a small difference.

Using the output from #2 and #3, you should be able to identify what should and should not be on the file device directory structure.  And if the discrepancy are because of ssids, then you should scan the ssid (scanner -m -S ssid#  nw-device-name) or the entire volume, to repopulate the media database with this info, and then determine if you want to keep the ssid.  If not, then delete using  : nsrmm -d -S ssid#

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