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Re: How to take Active Directory Backup & Restore


This depends if you want to take granular AD backups or just want to sabe the AD DB.

For AD DB, this is saved as part of the File System backup, with "ALL" saveset.

Backing up Active Directory

The NetWorker software automatically backs up AD as a component of the SYSTEM STATE

or VSS SYSTEM BOOT save set. An AD backup or restore includes the AD log files,

database, patch files, and expiry token.

Recovering Active Directory

The NetWorker Procedure Generator contains information about the online recovery of

Active Directory. Chapter 25, “Windows Bare Metal Recovery,” provides information about

the bare metal recovery of an Active Directory host.


If you must recover an AD backup whose expiry token is older than its tombstone lifetime

value, refer to Microsoft Knowledge base (KB) article 216993, which can be found at:

If you want to be able to restore single objects within AD you should be running granular backups of AD with NetWorker Module for Microsoft (NMM).

Please refer to NMM documentation for detailed information on configuration for backups ans step-by-step restore.

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