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Re: How to delete a DataDomain storage system in NetWorker 8.2.3.

Hi Hrvoje,

grep "evice access" -A1 /nsr/res/nsrdb/*/* didn't contain the device I want to delete.

I did also run grep -i DataDomainSystem-to-be-deleted -A1 /nsr/res/nsrdb/*/*

/nsr/res/nsrdb/09/27008f19000000002fd766580a4e605f:hosts: DataDomainSystem-to-be-deleted;

/nsr/res/nsrdb/09/27008f19000000002fd766580a4e605f-inuse filecopy streams: 0;


/nsr/res/nsrdb/09/27008f19000000002fd766580a4e605f:name: DataDomainSystem-to-be-deleted;

/nsr/res/nsrdb/09/27008f19000000002fd766580a4e605f-OS version: Data Domain OS;

Maybe also interesting to know, when I run the "new device wizard" to add a new DD device, only one device is listed (the one I didn't delete):

Thanks and regards


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