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Re: Restoring expired save set information into client index with scanner

3. What about media index in such case?

>> It is rebuild, if necessary. However, if the entry for the save set still exists, only its status will be changed appropriately (in this case to 'browsable').

4. '-i' option modifies both media and client index. Is there no way to modify only client index by using scanner?

>> See above. Do not forget that both information are related. It does not make sense to add CFI information if there is no reference in the media index (MI). The MI is the more important db.

I assume that there is a reference in the media index, because I see save sets in mminfo in with 'cr' flags. So in such case media index would not be rebuild, only its entries for save sets would be changed to browsable?

BTW - I am a bit picky here: technically, you must not necessarily mount the tape to be able to run 'scanner'. This is important as you must have a known media (known by the MI) to be able to mount it. One major benefit of 'scanner' is that the tape must not necessarily be mounted ... so even an unknown tape can be scanned.

OK, but when I run scanner I give a device as an argument. I assumed, that scanner would scan only the volume currently mounted in the device.

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