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Re: Re: Restoring expired save set information into client index with scanner

>> 5) if you have index available correct.  As for tapes, mark one drive as read only, make sure autoeject is not set on and load tape with no mount option and run scanner.

By 'auto eject' do you mean 'idle device timeout'? How can it be set? I don't see any such option in nsradmin for 'NSR jukebox':

                        type: NSR jukebox;

                        name: STK@4.0.0;

                    comment: ;

                description: <STK    SL500          1235 at SCSI Bus 4 Target 0 LUN 0>;

                      model: Standard SCSI Jukebox;

                    enabled: [Yes]  No    Service ;

                control port: /dev/scsi/changer/c6t500104F0009EA857d0;

                    devices: /dev/rmt/1cbn, /dev/rmt/0cbn;

              number devices: 2;

              number drives: 2;

  SmartMedia update interval: 12;

            bar code reader: [Yes]  No ;

      match bar code labels: [Yes]  No ;

      jukebox serial number: WWNN=500104F0009EA856;

            max parallelism: 2;

                STL barcodes: SDW19L, SD46LT, SDW57L, SDW18L, SDW17L, SDW53L, SDW52L, SDW51L, SDW13L, SD54LT, SD24LT, SDW56L, SDW41L, SDW40L, SDW47L, SDW44L, SDW34L, SDW33L,

                              SD53LT, SDW59L, SDW55L, SDW31L, SDW49L, SDW46L, SDW43L, SDW60L, SDW02L, SD52LT, SDW58L, SDW50L, SDW48L, SDW62L, SD28LT, SDW42L, SDW45L, SDW54L,

                              SD51LT, SDW63L, SDW64L, SD74LT, SD73LT, SD72LT, SD71LT, SD70LT, SDW16L, SD50LT, SDW61L, SD39LT, SD38LT, "", "", SD35LT, SD34LT, SD33LT, SD59LT,

                              SD20LT, SD19LT, SD18LT, "", "", SD15LT, SD14LT, SD13LT, SD61LT, "", SDW15L, SD58LT, SDW12L, SDW05L, SDW03L, SDW10L, SDW09L, SDW08L, SD41LT, SDW06L,

                              SDW04L, "", SD22LT, SD57LT, SD23LT, SD62LT, SD64LT, SDW27L, SDW26L, SDW25L, SDW24L, SD42LT, "", SD21LT, SD56LT, SD68LT, SD69LT, SD01LT, "", SDW22L,

                              SDW21L, SDW01L, "", "", SD02LT, SD55LT, SD65LT, SD67LT, SD60LT, SD63LT, SDW32L, "", "", "", "", "", SD32LT, SD16LT, SD12LT, SDW23L, SDW14L, SD17LT,

                              SD45LT, SD44LT, SD43LT, "", "", SD31LT, SDW20L, SD29LT, "", SD27LT, SD26LT, SD25LT, SD76LT, SD75LT, "", "", SD11LT, SD08LT, SD10LT, SD09LT, SD07LT,

                              SD06LT, SD05LT, SD04LT, SD03LT, "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", SDW65L, SDW66L, SDW67L, SDW68L, SDW69L, SD79LT, SD78LT, SD77LT, SD30LT,

                              SD36LT, SDW07L, SDW11L, CLNU04, CLNU01, CLNU05, CLNU02, CLNU03, SD66LT;

            RSM Library GUID: ;

              RSM Media Type: ;

            RSM Drive GUIDs: ;

            RSM Media GUIDs: ;

            STL device names: ;

          STL device sharing: ;

      STL device reservation: ;

          STL interface lib: ;

              STL identifier: ;

                  auto clean: [Yes]  No ;

      verify label on unload:  Yes  [No];

              cleaning slots: 165-169;

          default cleanings: 10;

      auto media management: [Yes]  No ;

            application name: ;

            application key: ;

              read hostname: ;

                NDMP jukebox:  Yes  [No];

              NDMP hostname: ;

        NDMP jukebox handle: ;

                      ready: [Yes]  No ;

            virtual jukebox:  Yes  [No];

    virtual jukebox frameid: ;

By 'no mount option' do you mean 'nsrjb -l -f /dev/rmt/1cbn SD56LT'?

In scanner manual there is a requirement to use 'no-rewind on close' device. An 'n' at the end of device name (for example /dev/rmt/1cbn) means that it is 'no-rewind' device, am I correct?

Concerning the media index, if it would be rebuild by scanner, what would happen with entries concerning other volumes? Would they be erased? Left unchanged? Or would Networker scan all volumes to rebuild index?

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