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Re: Savesets not expiring - the retention time is invalid

Now this is interesting - here is a random affected saveset:

mminfo -q ",name=C:\\" -ot -r volume,savetime,ssretent,level,clretent,ssflags -r ssid,cloneid,ssflags,savetime,ssretent,clretent

094872 02/02/09 03/02/09 full 03/02/09 vF 2072461207 1244477590 vF 02/02/09 03/02/09 03/02/09

I reset the retention period of the clone as follows:

nsrmm -e 03/02/09 -S 2072461207/1244477590

And now we see this:

094872 02/02/09 03/02/09 full 04/08/45 vF 2072461207 1244477590 vF 02/02/09 03/02/09 04/08/45

I had a similar issue going from 7.3.3 to 7.4.3 at my old company and I came up with a workaround for it. I'm going to check on my laptop when I get home if I have a record of it and also I have a call with EMC to check my old cases!
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