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Re: Let’s talk about Oracle FS1 and EMC XtremIO!

Hi Peter

*** Disclosure: Violin Memory employee ***

I was sat in the hall at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 when they announced the Oracle FS1 and I got to sit through the first introduction session. To be honest, I found it all a bit embarrassing. Us All-Flash Array vendors may frequently argue (well, let's say "debate") who has the best product and which engineering or design choice is more sensible, but in the face of this marketing onslaught I think we probably all feel fairly united.

The FS1 is a Pillar Axiom with SSDs. It's a hybrid. It's not, in any meaning of the words that I understand, "the first mainstream, general purpose flash array". And yet that's the claim made in the session I attended.

I wrote some of my own thoughts on the subject here:

Postcard from Oracle OpenWorld 2014: The Oracle FS1 Flash Array - Violin Memory

- flashdba