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Re: Why does RP enter "Regulated" role on source during CDP

I found this post when searching on Powerlink for the same issue that Dave reported. I have four CGs for one SQL database, and yesterday I enabled Image Access (logged), and mounted the replicas on a backup host to perform a backup of the database at our DR site. The backup started when I left and this morning when I checked on the status of RP I noticed that those four groups (and no others) were in 'Regulated' mode even though I do not have that option enabled. After disabling image access (the backup had completed) the 'Regulated' state went away but I then noticed that all the groups were 'undoing writes'. So it appears my DBA wrote the SQL backup file to the Replicas and this caused the CGs to go into a Regulated state?

I could not find much information on the Regulated state and what the impact is to the production hosts or replication. Anyone else experience this?


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