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Re: Why does RP enter "Regulated" role on source during CDP


I find nothing in the release notes about any performance characteristics or limitations, and nothing about 75MB limit.

SR# 32640208, all logs and reports have been uploaded there.I received a fairly unhelpful response from engineering, relayed through the support engineer.

The CG that is the problem is a large SQL Server database, 2TB data lun, 300GB log lun. It does have heavy i/o.

It is the main database that runs much of our business. RPO and RTO is minutes.

The bottlenecks report indicates:

on box: RPA1

Incoming writes rate for link           : 5.81645 Megabytes/sec

                              Peak Value: 82.4774 Megabytes/sec

The CG almost never completes init, remains in high load mode and cycles between 0% and 10% complete. Given that the peak writes on the box is 82, it would seem that I'm still well within 75MB sustained. In the last couple weeks when it did complete initialization, it went back to high load fairly quickly.

Reviewing the real-time performance graphs that are available on the RP management app shows a high level of writes, but cpu utilization on RPA1 under 10, application traffic averaging 250Mb/s with bursts to 500-600.

We're working on evaluating the vmware workload, however, the guests are all active servers and rarely shut down or reboot.

When we bought the CDP licenses the possibility of needing additional RPAs never came up, there was no indication that there could be a performance limitation, and given that cpu utilization on all of them was so low, it didn't seem that would be a problem.

I do have a problem, however, with the notion of having to buy additional RPAs to handle this local CDP, and then being forced to buy matching RPAs for the DR site which clearly doesn't need them.

I'm going to try moving everything except this one CG to the other RPA and see if it starts making progress on the initialization.



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