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Re: RP4VM Sample Re-IP scripts

Ahh...OK...I think I see the issue...these weren't in the original kit were they? I had downloaded and installed the original 4.3 kit shortly after it came out and it looks like the kit was updated last week (09/08/15) on Not sure if the glue scripts weren't in there before as I have my original bundle extraction and don't see them in the directories. I just re-downloaded them and see them in there, so I am good and will start to test it out.

At least now with this thread, the pointers in the doc that say to download them from ECN have a landing point for other users since it doesn't look like they are actually posted on this site, but users will at least be able to search and find this thread hopefully that will point them back to the download bundle if they haven't looked there to start . Maybe techpubs can update the docs?

Thanks for pointing this out Idan!


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