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Re: RP4VM Sample Re-IP scripts

Idan : I give up...haha. Do you happen to have an example of this working? I have tried about 20 different combos of adding the glue scripts (there are 2 in the download) to the WIndows VM in the registry and importing new settings on the CRR copy in the console and I can't seem to get the change in IP to show up, so I am thinking I am missing something

I made a new key called IP in the registry location called out in the doc snippet above and made the value of it the absolute path to where I copied the scripts on the VM (both with quotes, without quotes, etc). I then exported and changed the IP values for the CRR copy of the VM being protected and imported it successfully (shows the changes when you click on the network configuration of the CRR copy). I used the command in the doc to get the IdX ID of my adapter (12).

At that point, I test a copy, but the IP never changes. I'm gonna try a few more options, but I am guessing I am missing something simple on my end or there is a step elsewhere I might not be inferring from the guide or missing from the guide so wanted to validate.


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