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Re: DCP Information

when I create a Meta out of Hypers and I assign the Meta Head to a specific DCP Partition, it seems to me, that this information is propagated from the Meta Head to each of the Hypers.

Because I recently remarked, tha after resolving a Meta Head, all its former Meta Member still have this information as a property of the device.

Now - the questions are =>

1) Is my observation correct ?

A: Correct, the volumes remain in the DCP partition they were assigned to, checked in an EMC Lab VMAX running 5875.267.

2) How can I find all destroyed Metas, which are now in any of the DCPs, but not the DEFAULT PARTITION ?

(I know the correct way would be to change the DCP before dissolving a Meta, but anyhow)

A: "symqos -cp list -settings -v -output xml_e > qos.xml" shows the partitions and the volume ranges in those partitions in a reasonable format when imported into Excel, but seeing dissolved metastructures is I'm afraid not possible. We can talk about this in our Face-2-face meeting if you like, personally I am a big fan of regular point-in-time data collections from VMAX as a reference to past configuration.

See attached file

Regards, Alasdair

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