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How to plan for moving engines and disk shelf from source vmax to target vmax after the migration

We are planning to shutdown a data centre and move VMAX to a new datacentre.  So we are thinking to buy a new VMAX with 2 engines and some disk shelves.  We will be migrating data from source vmax to target vmax and slowly free up Engines and disk shelves and move them to target VMAX.  At the moment we have 6 engines and 6 storage bays in the source VMAX.  The target VMAX we buy will have 2 engines initially and 4 engines from source VMAX will be moved to target VMAX as and when we migrated all the hosts connected to those engines.  Ideally we will be moving 2 engines at the same time and finally remaining 2 engines.

First of all I need to plan for technical feasibility to do this activity.  I think once the discussion is started we will have more questions to follow.


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