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Re: Moving Disk Transparently From Host Point of View

Thanks, Jasonc for your reply. It was really helpful for me. As I said before I'm Mainframe System programmer and not familiar to storage deeply however because of some problems with storage I need to improve my storage knowledge so maybe we can initiate changing some of our storage configurations. For clarification I have more questions:

1) You said with FAST technology and thin devices I can move all data related to particular physical disk to other devices and release this physical device.

2) With FAST technology and thin devices can I move data manually from Unisphere or with Mainframe Solution Enabler installed on z/OS, from the host(Mainframe) at any time?

3) If we only have one type of devices is it good to config FAST and thin devices?

4) One of the problems that we'd encountered was disk crash on one of our R2 physical devices(thick) that included 14 Mainframe volsers, In our procedure, we split the SRDF every night and then start our operations on R2 devices, but because of this problem(on both M1 and M2 of R2) we couldn't manage to split the disks overnight and our storage admins asked us to move R1 disks into different disks using ADRDSSU and then they changed R2 crashed disks. Maybe it is related to the RAID configuration that we need this kind of manual interference by z/OS operator but I really looking for a way of changing EMC configuration or some transparent data movement or moving data from EMC rather than z/OS.

5) Can I conclude that it is better to configure VMAX with thin devices rather than thick devices(is there any benefit to the thick device)?

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