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Monster VMs performance 32vCPUs experience? beyond 16vCPUs drops?

Does anybody have real world experience with 32vCPUs monster VMs?

We have a customer in Austria that got some feedback that beyond 16vCPUs the VM performance doesn’t scale as expected.

I received some more information: primarily it's Oracle on a 32core machine - performing unexpectedly less on the VM.

On the VMworld 2013 panel I have heard the recommendation for Oracle to turn off NUMA and set HT = 1.

there is more information in these sessions:

VAPP4679 - Software-Defined Datacenter Design Panel for Monster VM's: Taking the Technology to the Limits for High Utilisation, High Performance Workloads

Sam Lucido and Jeff Browning, did a session on Oracle (VAPP5180- Extreme Virtualized Oracle 12c Performance in a Proven Architecture).

if you are interested, however, it doesn't answer my question completely, so still lookin for real world experience:

It’s one of our loyal customers with VMware, VPLEX, VMAX,… and they are in the process to move some of the biggest workloads (DB and more) to vSphere.

  • I thought about EMC IT (with Propel / SAP, Oracle) experience
  • Any sessions from VMworld 2013?
  • anybody else who had the need and ran huge VMs

Thanks in advance!


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