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Re: Monster VMs performance 32vCPUs experience? beyond 16vCPUs drops?

So here is where I am with my research - welcome any comments, hints and tips, real world exeprience:

Does anybody know who created the document on the VMware Oracle landing page? It appears to be from 2011 and I was wondering if there are any findings / news that might be considered:

And then I found a blog on a case that sounds very similar to what EMC presented as best practice at VMworld 2013 by Sam Lucido and Jeff Browning:

But the recommendation is to build smaller 6vCPU VMs – that’s what I have recommended to the customer previously. In the specific case this is not a way to go. It's a fairly small 1.6TB Oracle DB, but they need to do some big data analytics on it and the application scales only in a monolithic enviornment. Right now on 32 core physical system.