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Re: Re: Monster VMs performance 32vCPUs experience? beyond 16vCPUs drops?

Good news! Virtual beats physical on a monster Oracle machine!

Here the details from this week's test run before preparing for production

physical system to complete job: ~11h16

virtual system to complete job: ~10h21

The comparison isn't 1:1 as

  • physical system are 2 AMD Opteron with a total of 24 cores
  • virtual system is VMware vSphere 5.1 with 4x Intel e5-4650 with a total of 32 cores

However, the vSphere host had some smaller workloads still on it. For that the customer is happy with the results so far.

  • For those tests we have chosen to P2V the original test system.
  • The main key for the positive experience in this scenario is the VM memory reservation.
  • Here a nice graph on the utilization CPU ready goes down as CPU usage goes up with the run of the big data analytics job.


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