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Is the “Monster VM” catching fire?

I have been actively following #VMworld on Twitter and Michael Webster has some great pictures of Monster VMs. Follow Michael Webster @vcdxnz001 on Twitter and his pictures as they are very funny.


The idea of monster Virtual Machines was, in part, born from the session “Extreme Virtualized oracle Performance in a Proven Architecture” that was co-presented by Jeff Browning and I at VMworld US. I remember sitting with Jeff at dinner and reviewing the presentation and he added monster claws to the virtual machines! The idea behind monster VMs is with Oracle 12c databases: Oracle says the “c” stands for “cloud” but really it stands for “consolidation.” The idea is simple as we are moving away from virtualizing individual databases and towards the virtualizing the Oracle multitenant consolidation (many-to-one) architecture leading to much larger VMs. The Oracle DBA gains great value (agility and flexibility) by virtualizing the new 12c architecture: To learn more I encourage everyone to attend the same session in Barcelona (VAPP5180) as Jeff has updated the presentation with new performance details from an independent study.

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