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HOWTO use Powershell scripts to inject metrics into VMware vCOps

This document is meant to be HOWTO that describes the steps that can used to inject metrics into vCOps by way of a Powershell script that leverages the vCOps HTTPOST adapter.  Powershell will serve two distinct purposes for this document.  The first is to be leveraged as a data collection method via existing Powershell scripts (will show how to make a basic one) that do the heavy lifting and conversion of data from an end device to a more friendly Powershell Object.  The second is to work with the HTTPOST adapter and in a uniform manner post the metrics collected to the vCOps Enterprise console.

The links below include the document as well as the Powershell script that does the work for you.

This is as easy as it gets! 

UPDATED for vCOps v5.0!

-When running ps_vcops_httpost.ps1, augment the parameters with "-protocol https -vcopsuser user -vcopspass pass"

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