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Re: HOWTO use Powershell scripts to inject metrics into VMware vCOps

This can be used any which way, production/non-production/lab.  The big disclaimer is that the use of the scripts is not directly supported by EMC, as what was posted here is meant for lab use cases and accelerating the understanding of metrics and use cases in vCOps.  The method we use to get the metrics into vCOps is a VMware 100% method (vCOps open adapter, REST API).  The powershell scripts simply leverage this supported vCOps interface and make it a bit easier to work with.  This open adapter that we leverage here is actually used by VMware in certain production adapters.

Things that make a lot of sense using this injection method are likely candidates for an official EMC supported plugin (ie. VNX Connector).

Feel free to modify to your own needs and let us know what you're doing with it!

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