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As per your last update, the overheads are accounted in 10% free space, that means if we allocate all of our pool space, 10% still be maintained by system?

As we are currently on Flare 31 and if I understand this correctly, in our case the placeholder LUN actually holds the space for LUN overheads and that space is in turn used for reallocating slices? And while creating LUNs the overhead space is taken from pool, that means we are wasting space by keeping the placeholder LUN?

Also, is used above formula for calculating metadata for thick luns for block "LUN Size (in GB) * .02 + 3GB" but the answers aren't seem to be matching.

I have created 5400GB thick LUN on pool. As per the formula the overhead should be : (5400 * .02) + 3=111GB and the total consumed capacity should be 5511. However the total overhead taken by pool is 147.814 GB and the total consumed capacity is 5547.814 GB.

Am I calculating it wrong?

Am really sorry for asking so many questions. But I am really confused now. I thought I understood the concept completely but your last update leaves me very confused.

Many thanks.


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