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VNX File - Internal Migration

Hello Experts,

We have a huge file system about 6 TB in size. There is a lot of stale data on the server and also quite very scrambled across random folders. We want to restructure the NAS (folder structure). As in, I just want to move the existing selective data (just the data) and move it to the new folder structure created within the same file system. Post that we'll apply the new NTFS permissions separately as even AD SecGroups are being modified.

I tried to move the data internally using default Linux command to copy/move (cp/mv) the file from the old location to the new location I created within the file system. But the transfer rate is very slow. We have a few areas of 1.5 TB which will need movement too. At that rate it would take ages to complete the movement.

I would appreciate suggestions on how to perform this. NTFS permissions are not important here. Just the data.

thanks in advance. Best regards,

Vivek Soni

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