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Uncorrectable Sector - How to determine LUN impacted

A disk in our VNX failed and during the rebuild we received the following message.

Uncorrectable Sector RAID Group: 14e Position: 0 LBA: 34b02580 Blocks: 40 Error info: 40000000 Extra info: 12

Ok - it looks like perhaps 40 sectors are lost.  If you read the KB on uncorrectable sectors it will tell you the data is lost.  This is where I started getting frustrated with the service request support.

1) They tell me I have no DU/DL (Data Unavailable/Data Loss) failures.  That makes no sense to me since the KB page contradicts that.

2) Ok - I need to recover the 40 sectors.  That will be easy if they belong to a database LUN.  Those get backed up nightly.  It will be more difficult if it's something like a VMware datastore.  I'd like to know the same day what LUN is impacted so I can get on with the business of a recovery. The Service Center personnel say all of my LUNs are in a storage pool and so I must run ROBV on the entire pool and only when it completes 6 to 7 days later will they be able to tell me which LUN needs a recovery operation.

Is this really how it is with a VNX storage pool?  I have to say, I'm kind of disappointed why the alert just doesn't flat out say what user LUN is impacted.

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