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Re: What might cause multiple failures of drives in the same slot?

Hello John,

It's might be a case of a bad slot on the enclosure itself. However, given that the drive(s) have been up for at least some periods of time (instead of just being always and immediately reported as faulted in this slot), then it is unlikely.

Unfortunately any other possible reasons would just be guesswork without an event log or even SP Collects;

- Did the soft SCSI errors stop reporting at any point? or do they usually show up on drives of this Disk Array Enclosure?

- Did the failed drives have reported soft media errors on them prior to failure?

- Do you see any mention of Uncorrectable Errors / Sectors?

Other than simply bad luck on this slot, I would say there's either a problem on an LCC (Link Control Card) / cable on this DAE, or media problems on the drives / RAID Group itself.

Creating a Service Request with support and attaching SP Collects would be the best route IMO, especially because of the disruption you mentioned.

If you prefer not to do that however, just let me know the answers to the questions above.

Hope this helps,


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