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Re: What might cause multiple failures of drives in the same slot?

Thanks Adham.

I have got an SR open and had a phone conversation this morning about it which may be leading somewhere other than another replacement drive (perhaps an LCC reseat)! In terms of your questions, though:

The SCSI bus errors came as a burst of 84 soft SCSI Bus Errors errors logged on SP B for 0/2/5  from 00:28:41 to 00:29:09 (17 were logged from 00:28:41 to 00:28:43 on SP A). The next significant event on SP B is the "drive handler" offline I quoted above at 01:25:24. I haven't spotted any media errors on the affected drive prior to that (whereas I've seen that for other drives prior to them failing).

Thanks again fior the response


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