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Netapp to VNX NFS migration


I'm trying to migrate a Netapp NFS filesystem to a VNX.  Unfortunately, I have a small window of time to complete the migration (about 24 hours).  Using rsync is problematic since the filesystem to be migrated consists of about 75 million inodes.  Walking the filesystem tree takes way too long. 

I see the VNX has the Celerra Data Migration Services (CDMS) utility, but I'm having trouble getting it to work. 

I've configured CDMS as follows:

#Create MGFS from NAS_Pool.

nas_fs -name netapp_test -type mgfs -create size=100G pool=NAS_Pool

#Create mountpoint for filesystem

server_mountpoint server_2 -create /netapp_test

#Mount MGFS to mountpoint

server_mount server_2 -option rw netapp_test /netapp_test

#Start CDMS migration service

server_setup server_2 -Protocol cdms -option start

#Connect source NFS server to MGFS

server_cdms server_2 -connect netapp_test -type nfsv3 -path /netapp -source ''

#Export MGFS

server_export server_2 -Protocol nfs -name vol/netapp_test  /netapp_test

I've read through all the documentation, but I keep getting the following error in server_log:

     MGFS: 3: NFS V3: Error: lookupComp failed, nfs status 2

When I mount the VNX nfs export on a client, I am unable to see files from the Netapp NFS server.  When ssh'd into the VNX, I can see the netapp NFS export mounted in a subdirectory of the VNX export (although changes are not visible after the source NFS server is mounted).

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me in getting CDMS to work as intended.

I would be glad to provide any and all additional details in helping troubleshoot this issue.



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