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Ed La
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VNX5400 Storage Pool Design

We have just install a new VNX5400 with following configuration for storing ESXi 5/6 vmdk LUN and Oracle RAC LUN:-

1) 30 x 1 TB SAS Disks

2) 20 x 800 GB SSD Disks

We would like to maximize the usuable capacity as well as protection (allow more disk failure)

Which is a better choice?

1) RAID 1+0

2) RAID 5 (with 1 disk failure allowed)

3) RAID 6 (with 2 disk failure allowed)

Seems RAID 1+0 is good for performance, however, it lost half usuable capacity and disk sprindle.

Or, should RAID 6 be better performance than RAID 1+0 in this situation???

Also,we notice the first 4 disks are RAID 5 OS disk, is it possible to ask Vendor to regroup them into a big storage pool????

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