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Re: replace meta volumes

Hi all

some screen shots on the procedure I have roughtly documented

Meta Volume Backup

cd to  



configuration show-meta-volume-candidates

This should show you volumes whihch are 78GB in size and are suitable candidates for Meta Volume backup


configuration metadata-backup

then select the required volumes for Meta Volumes to change the Meta volume disks to the new disks

Meta-Volume Detach Mirror

cd to  


to remove the META VOLUMES

meta-volume detach-mirror --storage-volume VPD83T3:MeaningfulText  --meta-volume SiteB_VPL EX_Meta_1

meta-volume detach-mirror --storage-volume VPD83T3:Meaningful text--meta-volume SiteB_VPL EX_Meta_1

Meta Volumes removed

Moving a logging Volumes

cd to


run ls -la

Name                                  Slot    Type    Operational  Health  Capacity
------------------------------------  Number  ------  Status       State   --------
------------------------------------  ------  ------  -----------  ------  --------
extent_VPLEXNAME_SiteB-VPLEX-Log_1_1  0       extent  ok           ok      10G
extent_VPLEXNAME_SiteB-VPLEX-Log_2_1  1       extent  ok           ok      10G

Above are the current logging volumes

There are two logging volumes

Create NEW Logging Volumes from extents

logging-volume create -n SiteB-VPLEX-XIO-log_vol -g raid-1 -e extent_XIO_SiteB_SiteB_VPLEX_Log_1_1, extent_XIO_SiteB_SiteB_VPLEX_Log_2_1

cd to

cd /distributed-storage/distributed-devices/

Set Logging Volumes ll

set-log --logging-volumes SiteB-VPLEX-XIO-log_vol_vol --distributed-device * (type in do not copy and include the *)

check this worked

cd to


then run ls -la

check original logging volume is not in use by any distributed devices

cd to


ls -la

Name    Starting Block  Block Count  Use
------  --------------  -----------  ----
free-0  0               5440         free

Destroy the logging volume

logging-volume destroy --logging-volume SiteB-VPLEX-Log_vol

Destroy the extents behind the logging volume

extent destroy --extents extent_VNX/VMAX_SiteB-VPLEX-Log_1_1

extent destroy --extents extent_VNX/VMAX_SiteB-VPLEX-Log_1_1

unclaim the volume from storage

check out the VPD  / storage volume name  this needs to be unclaimed

VPlexcli:/clusters/Cluster-2-VPLEXNAME/storage-elements/storage-volumes> unclaim VNX_SiteB_SiteB-VPLEX-Log_1
Unclaimed 1 of 1 storage-volumes.

VPlexcli:/clusters/Cluster-2-VPLEXNAME/storage-elements/storage-volumes> unclaim VNX_SiteB_SiteB-VPLEX-Log_2
Unclaimed 1 of 1 storage-volumes.

Hope this helps