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Re: replace meta volumes

Since I recently performed this exact activity, I am providing the steps i used.

Meta Volume Moves to new array

present 4 new 80gb volumes from new array - DO NOT CLAIM THEM thru VPLEX

navigate to /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes

run ll command - to list current system volumes

should show the following

cluster1 logging volume

cluster1 meta volume

cluster1 meta volume backup1

cluster1 meta volume backup2

navigate to /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes/Cluster1-Meta-Volume

cd /components

run ll - should list the 2 VPD's of the 2 current volumes(luns) used for the meta volume

run command - configuration show-meta-volume-candidates

- you should see the 4 new 80gb volumes from the new array with VPD's

cd /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes/Cluster1-Meta-Volume

run command - meta-volume detach-mirror -d VPD83T3:6008888888888d88bef88888888de888 --meta-volume CL1_META - this should be the VPD# from one of the original 80gb luns which you want to remove

*** attach new volume from new array

run command - meta-volume attach-mirror -d VPD83T3:600777777777777bef777777777de777 --meta-volume CL1_META - this should be the VPD# from one of the new 80gb luns from the new array

cd /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes/Cluster1-Meta-Volume/components

run ll

newly added mirror will show error and critical failure - no worries - just need to wait while it syncs up

if you navigate to the /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes/Cluster1-Meta-Volume/ and run the "ll" command it will provide an rebuild-ETA and percentage complete

wait until the rebuild process completes

navigate to /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes

run the "ll" command

verify "health state" is ok for all 4 volumes

navigate to /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes/Cluster1-Meta-Volume

cd /components

run ll - should list the 2 VPD's - one from each array now

repeat the meta-volume detach removing the old array

repeat meta-volume attach for the second leg of the cluster1 meta-volume using the new array VPD

wait for sync to complete

navigate to /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes

verify Operational Status and Health Status of all volumes

navigate to /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes/cluster1-metavolume/components

run ll

verify both VPD's are from new array

navigate to /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes

- we still need to delete the 2 backup volumes and add the new ones from the new array

cd to one the MetaVolume backups

cd to the components - verify VPD is from old array

***delete the backup

run command - meta-volume destroy --meta-volume <meta volume backup name>

run meta volume destroy command twice - one for each backup

navigate to /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes

run ll - verify logging and Meta volume exist ( should be 2 in the output)

verify you still have 2 80gb volumes unclaimed to use for meta volumes backup

run command - configuration show-meta-volume-candidates

Reconfigure the backup schedule - this will allow you to use the 2 new volumes from the new array

cd /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes

run command - configuraton metadata-backup

When asked "Do you want change the existing schedule?" - Select Y

It should list the 2 new volumes from the new array

you will have to specify the 2 volumes to use for backups

Please select volumes for meta-data backup, preferably from two different arrays (volume1,volume2):VPD#1,VPD#2

VPLEX is configured to back up meta-data every day at 23:00 (UTC).

  Would you like to change the time the meta-data is backed up? [no]: You can select NO here if you don't want to the change the time

It should specify a summary with the backup time and which volumes it will use - verify VPD's are from new array

Would you like to run the setup process now? [yes]: yes - select YES for this question

Scheduling the backup of metadata...

Performing metadata backup (This will take a few minutes) - it will perform a backup which we can verify later

Successfully performed the initial backing up of metadata

Successfully scheduled the backing up of metadata

Successfully scheduled the metadata backup

The metadata backup has been successfully scheduled.

navigate to /clusters/cluster-1/system-volumes

run ll

you should now see 4 volumes listed



MetaVolume1 - backup

MetaVolume2 - backup

You can change to the components folder of the MetaVolume, MetaVolume 1 Backup, and MetaVolume 2 backup to verify the VPD's are from the new array

***you can also verify the consistency on the meta volumes

run command - meta-volume verify-on-disk-consistency -c cluster

Unclaim 4 old luns

unmap from storage array

rediscover array and "forget unreachable luns"

run health-check or health-check --full