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Skype over RDSH - Thinclients and Webcams


On of our customers is trying to use Skype over a RDSH (Win server 2012 R2) on a vWorkspace 8.6.3 enviroment.

He is using Thinclient Wyse 3030LT and webcam Logitech C525 which is listed as officialy supported by that ThinClient.

When connecting the webcam to the TC you can see the video on the preview mode from admin session on the Thinclient, however when a user logs into his RDSH session the Windows is not able to detect the webcam and thus it doesn't shows the video on Skype.

So I have tried to fix that by adding the following code to WNOS.ini file (which corresponds to the webcam device):

Device=VUSB ForceRedirect=0x046d,0x0826,0xef,0x02,0x01

However it doesn't fixed the problem... I tried also to install wyse TCX suite server on the RDSH server and I configured a new device (webcam) with the previous data to allow its redirection. With no luck...

Please can anybody help me with this?


PS. here you are the TCX suite device added...

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