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How to integrate XtremIO into an exisitng RecoverPoint and VNX environment

Hi All,

I have a few questions about integrating an XtremIO into an existing RPA / VNX environment.

There is currently a single RPA system consisting of two four-node clusters - production and DR. The RPAs are replicating from VNX5600 (production) to VNX5400 (DR). A new XtremIO is being introduced in production and has to be replicated to DR VNX5400 using the existing RPA system. RPAs are running code 4.1SP2.

As far as I understand, the following has to happen for the replication from XtremIO to VNX5400 to happen:

  1. Convert RP/SE to RP/EX. New EX licensing has to be applied also. I believe it is non disruptive, and can be done via RP DM, can't it?
  2. RP system has to be upgraded to the latest code 4.4.
  3. XtremIO has to be registered with RP system. Not sure how that is done, since it is not using a splitter. There a few docs, but they are all discussing how the replication works for XIO and RP, not discussing how to integrate the two. Is there a document that describes the integration steps?
  4. Then I can configure replication. However, how should I approach sizing my target VNX, if I want for example to replicate a 2TB volume from XIO? How big should I make a journal volume - is it still the same 20% rule if the change rate is unknown, or it is different? The target volume on VNX has to be 2TB or larger I suppose, isn't it?

Appreciate your input.

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