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5 décembre 2023 12:32

Live Volume Setup

Hi, we are looking for a proper way to check if our live volumes are correctly setup.

We have 2 Dell Compellent SCV3020. On both, our vcenter is configured and we can see our ESXI hosts.

We have 2 live volumes, we created (from 2 volumes) when we added the secund Dell Compellent.  Is there anything else we need to do after we create live volumes like assign them to our hosts from the secund Dell Compellent.

The administration document from Dell is not clear and don't precise if there is an another step which i believe there is.




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5 décembre 2023 18:35

Hello SC3020,


I think these resources can help:

Dell EMC SC Series: Best Practices with VMware vSphere

Pages: 31, 35, 61-62


Dell SC Series and VMware vSphere Integrations

Dell SC Series Best Practices with VMware vSphere


Additional resources you may like to review:

SC Series technical white papers and videos


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6 décembre 2023 08:23


I think we found out. 

Since it's possible to create a live volume for scratch from vcenter (with agent) we notificed there is a last option available about mapping it on the hosts on the secund Dell compellent (target). That's really a bummer NO documentation at all explains this particulary point (i checked everything before posting it).

So keep in mind when you convert a volume to a live volume with DSM interface there is a last action to do on the target SAN. You need to assign MANUALLY the live volume to hosts.


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