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15 de maio de 2024 08:03

RAC0142: The firmware image file is not valid for iDRAC firmware update

I have a couple of R620 servers that I would like to upgrade to the version of iDRAC, and the current version is 
1.20.20 (Build 24), I want to upgrade to 1.66.65, but I have tried to upload a lot of versions of the upgrader and it will get an error RAC0142, can you help me fix this issue?





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15 de maio de 2024 12:10



The error is normally due to the DUP you are selecting. What I would recommend is that you download the .exe version of the update, then run that from your workstation to extract the files, once extracted then locate the firmimg.d7 file and save that to USB. Once that is complete then access the iDrac web interface and go to the Update and Rollback tab, from there you can point to that .d7 file on the USB and push the update. 

Let me know if this helps.


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