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My network adapter will not start! (Broadcom Code 10)

Hiya everyone,

Turns out that my Dell XPS M1530 laptop got a virus, so to solve this I re-installed Windows (Vista Home Premium) and as a result, all of my files, drivers and software have all been deleted. I have re-installed almost everything I need, except one vital thing. The Wireless Network Adapter. 

I have used all the network drivers on my Dell Driver disc and none of them have seemed to work, luckily I have a spare computer so I can ask you all this and I have looked all over the internet for driver download, none of them have worked. I looked around and it seems to be quite a common problem when people advance OS' and I suppose I have been in the same situation, But no drivers seem to work!

Does anyone have any advice or download links to help me then that would be great. Thanks

Extra Information: Brodcom 802.11n Network Adapter

Device Status: This device cannot start (Code 10)

Service: BCM43X

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