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Dell Optiplex 380 - CPU Support

I have a DELL Optiplex 380, just bought it used for a cheap upgrade for my nephew who's been using a Pentium 4 the past few years. Was happy to see that it takes a standard PSU, so was thinking about future upgrades maybe next summer. Warranty still good until Feb 2014.

I stuck in a fanless Sapphire 5450 1GB video card, it has 1x2GB ram. Should work for a while.

I was thinking though, add another 2GB ram, I have an extra 450w PSU, so keep an eye open for a bigger video card... but hoping next summer when used prices drop a bit, possibly dropping in a Core2Quad... like a Q9300 or something.

Does anyone have a link for a CPU support list for this system? Thanks

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