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Dell XPS 15 - Built in Battery, "plugged in but not charged", battery disabled


I am writing this as I have hopelessly tried all methods found online without success.

I have an XPS 15 bought in France. I move to Singapore and my original DELL AC adapter was spoiled. So I went to the nearest store and bought a third party adapter. Everything works out fine for a while... Now, my laptop won't charge anymore (stuck at 90%). 

My laptop only turn on if it is plugged under ac adapter. When I unplug the ac adapter, my laptop turn off.

When I turn on my laptop it says "this battery charging is temporarily disabled, press F2 for entering BIOS Menu". 
In BIOS, under battery health it is said "this battery is temporarily disabled, please turn off the computer and try again when the unit is back to operational temperature" 
I have this problem systematically, my laptop is not heated.

I even bring it to a repair shop here in Singapore; but they do not even have the parts to test. 

Please help. 

I am willing to buy a new battery or new adapter, but I am not even sure if that's the problem.

Thank you

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