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Dell Latitude 5490 -- Ceases functioning when attempting to "Turn off the display"

New model -- New problems

Wondering if anyone is seeing an issue like we are having with approximately 10 new Dell Latitude 5490 laptops. 

Each machine's display goes black and the machine "freezes" when attempting to "Turn off the display" in accordance with Power Option settings.  Once the machine "freezes", there is no response when pressing a key or tapping the touchpad other than the keyboard backlight illuminates.

The only thing that will bring the machine out of its coma is by performing a hard shut down by depressing the Power Button for several seconds and then depressing it again to restart.

Also noted that when the display blackout occurs, we lose network connectivity on the onboard NIC.  It's almost like we are encountering a brownout.

The only workaround that we have found is to set the Power Option to "Never" turn off the display.  Only a workaround and definitely not a fix.

Known facts attained during troubleshooting...Yes, this happens with a fresh machine out of the box set up with Dell's supplied image.  Yes, this happens with our image as well which includes the Verdiem Surveyor Agent for "enhanced" Power Management.  Yes, this happens out of the box with BIOS version 1.0.8 or when updated to the latest of 1.1.9.  Yes, this happens with the out of the box drivers OR with all drivers updated via Dell Command Update Utility.  Yes, this happens after bringing down and installing the full driver package using the Dell Command Update Utility.

At a loss for now, but hope to have a resolution soon.  Let me know if any of you have seen this issue with your Latitude 5490.

Thanks in advance!


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