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Inspiron 7586 Intel AC 9560 not working / Can not install latest driver

Hello everyone,

i have a Problem with my Inspiron 7586 since two days. Out of a sudden, my WiFi and mit Bluetooth istn't working anymore. In the device Manager, the Intel WiFi ac 9560 and the Intel Bluetooth Adapter are marked with the yellow exclamation mark! Bevor the issue I only used a vpn Client... maybe this helps.

I have tried following steps to fix this issue:

- restart

- install newest Driver with dell, with Windows device Manager, manually ( can't install the newest Driver !!!)

- uninstall device in the device Manager and restart

- update all drivers via dell update center

- update windows

-  reset windows

- recovery windows

- set bios to factory settings

- deactivate Wifi and Bluetooth in bios and restart

In the device Manager, Intel ac 9560 Shows the error : "The device could not be started (Code 10)". The intel bluetooth device shows the error: "The device could not be started (Code 10) STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE".

The Problem is, that i can't install the newest Driver on the devices. Sometimes I got the message, that i

They don't show the newest Driver version in the device manager and when i try to install it, the Installation process get stuck ( the dell updater as well as the Intel installer) without any message.

Version Show in the device Manager: Newest version on the Intel page: 21.40.2.

Has anyone an idea to fix that Problem? I would be very grateful for any help.


Greetings, Ivo



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