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Pranav Bhattarai
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Why Dell XPS Developer Edition heavily limited to 13 model? Why don't we have option 15 inch model?

I wish Dell XPS Developer Edition 2022 model has these things:

- 15 inch AMOLED Display with at least 120 Hz refresh rate.

- Ubuntu and Redhat certified.

- Unsoldered 16 GB RAM or more

- Unsoldered 500 GB PCIe 5 SSD or more

- Intel and/or AMD Chipset. NO NVDIA.

- Has all hardware components which support fwupd for all firmware updates

- Support Coreboot

- Has all necessary ports for devs to use.

- No ugly touch Function bar. Please. NO.

This would really impress a lot of devs in 2022 if Dell does something which I have mentioned above.

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