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Puzzle games are all the rage on mobile platforms and Toy Blast is another entry into this crowded genre. Many other giants like Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds already have many of this genre cornered. So what’s different about Toy Blast that has made it one of the top puzzle games enjoyed by many gamers from different platforms? Available on Android and iOS devices, as well as on Facebook, Toy Blast is all about help Amy, the protagonist in the game, enlarge her collection of toys. Like you can guess it, to clear the puzzle, you need to match up the blocks of varying sizes and shapes of the same color. That’s the basics of it but once you get the hang of it, the next step is mastering the combos. The combos are special conditions that are created when two tiles that share special traits enable you to clear the board in an efficient manner. At the center of the obsession when it comes to Toy Blast are the coins system. Coins are the virtual currency that you can use to get to buy upgrades and make special moves. Coins can be gotten by gaining achievements and completing levels under certain conditions. In app purchases like this can be a quite annoyance but thankfully, Apple’s latest version of iOS has options to block the IAP. Using the Toy Blast Cheats is another good option to get free coins. It’s definitely not necessary to buy the coins to enjoy playing Toy Blast. You can earn up to 25 free coins when you link up your Toy Blast account with your Facebook account. It’s apparent that the company is trying to get into your Facebook data so it’s up to the users to decide whether that’s a prudent move. There are many concerns with companies like this spying on and extracting private data to further monetize their products and services. Lives are another resource in game. Basically, it sounds exactly what it is. Your lives represent number of chances you have at solving a puzzle. As long as you have enough lives, you will give yourself enough chances to solve the puzzle and win prizes. Once you start becoming proficient at Toy Blast, the next step in the progression is to master the levels by hitting the three stars. TO do that, you will need to fulfill the special tiles condition. Getting all three stars this way will give you more scores and higher rewards after completing the level so it is well worth shooting for this lofty goal.
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