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Even though no one can completely prevent identity theft from occurring, there are steps you can take to minimize the chance of it happening to you. As you search for employment, you might be at a slightly elevated level of risk for ID theft. Becoming aware of the problems is the first step in being able to avoid them in the first place. To protect your identity, follow the tips outlined below to ensure you are not at risk for someone stealing your information.Forgo These Items on Your Resume When crafting your resume, certain items should never be included on it. Common items that don’t belong on your resume are: Date of birth Social security number Driver’s license number Marital status Employer identification number Gender Age Reason for leaving previous employment The year of graduation from schools and name of the school. By knowing the graduation date and school of attendance, thieves can discover a world of information from the alumni list. Just list your degree and specialty area. Disabilities, unless specifically asked about physical limitations. Any of the information above can be provided upon request, but resumes are only the starting points for interviews. Jobs aren’t based upon your application or resume information.Exercise Caution When Answering Ads Online or in Newspapers If you are ever asked to write your social security number on your cover letter or resume, ask what the reason is for it and let the company know that you aren’t comfortable doing so. The same rule applies during a telephone interview. Avoid giving your social security number over the phone during interviews. Tell the individual that you need to look it up and you will call them with the number. In the meantime, call the company back and see if that person actually works for them. If the email address of the individual doesn’t have the company domain name, there is an excellent chance it’s fraudulent.Err on the Side of Caution on Applications When it comes to filling out the sections on the application asking for your social security number or driver’s license information, avoid filling them in. Place the note through the section saying see below. In the blank part of the page, write “Prefer to provide you with this information at the interview”. If they ask why you didn’t write it in, simply explain that you didn’t feel comfortable doing so with the crime outbreak for identity theft. In reality, the application might not be stored as safely as you might think, which leaves you prone to identity theft.  Learn more about protecting your identity from theft here. http://www.stopidentityfraud.org/credit-monitoring-services
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