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Dental abrasion is an oral condition that is characterized by loss of tooth structure due to outside forces such as toothpicks and toothbrushes. The condition is common to people with bad oral habits such as *** their teeth with toothpicks and other unhealthy materials all the time. Using worn-out toothbrushes that interfere with tooth structure increases the possibility of acquiring this dental condition. Severe dental abrasion should be handled by a qualified sedation dentist with the help of pharmacological agents that calm and relax the patient. Why Dental Abrasion is Dangerous for your Teeth Structure The enamel part of the human tooth is known to be very thin at the cemento-enamel junction. This junction allows for quick erosion of the tooth structure as you use harmful materials to clean your teeth. With time, the erosion goes past the enamel and gets into the much softer parts of dentin and cementum. These soft structures are easily eroded and therefore making your teeth arrangement completely unbalanced. In some cases, the process of your teeth losing structure is painful and only root canal dental procedure from a qualified endodontist can help you get rid of the pain. Loss of teeth structure can interfere with your physical appearance and body confidence in a negative way. Having some of your teeth sticking out of the normal structure will give you an unattractive facial appearance that will make you less social to people. Dental abrasion should be handled at an early stage by experienced dentist.  Care and Treatment The best way to prevent dental abrasion is by avoiding forceful teeth brushing. You should also use soft wooden toothpicks after taking your meals as opposed to strong plastic ones. Existing conditions can be restored by dental fillings provided by a qualified sedation dentist. The use of root canal treatment is only recommended for severe dental abrasion. People with sensitive teeth are at much higher risk of acquiring dental abrasion condition, it is therefore important that they should buy special toothbrushes from qualified endodontists near them.  Dentist Advice It is important that you should make a habit of visiting your personal dentist on a regular basis in order to detect and curb dental abrasion condition at an early stage. If you do not have a personal dentist, then you should visit the nearest dental clinic or call for emergency dentist services near you as often as you can. It is only a qualified dentist who can detect the dental abrasion teeth condition at the first stages. Since the condition is characterized by wearing away of the outer cover, always remember to brush your teeth so as not to damage your teeth or the gums holding the teeth together. If you notice any symptoms such as receding gums or blood coming out of the spaces in between your teeth, then the best action to take is to see your personal dentist sooner than later. Also, remember that premolars and canines are the most affected by this dental condition and therefore your facial appearance will be restructured a lot if you are reluctant on curbing the condition at an early stage. Root canal treatment methods should be used if the condition worsens. Lastly, ensure that you use certified toothpaste and other dental fluids every time you are brushing your teeth. Some of these products can speed up the rate of dental abrasion process on your teeth structure.   
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