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I began my career as an attorney, practicing law in Texas for 11 years. During the PC revolution, I embraced the concept of personal automation, and was a leading advocate of the use of PC technology in the legal industry and government. Eventually, I left legal practice and pursued high technology as my sole career choice, focusing initially on automating the American political process. For example, I wrote the first computer software for automating the production of the daily journal of a State legislative body. Later, I was responsible for creating software for the production of punch card ballots which were used in the general and primary elections of a State. Remember the election year 2000 debacle with the punch card ballots in Florida? Yeah, that was me. My bad. Eventually, I migrated to pure software engineering work, no longer related to the legal or political system. I ended up in Alaska, where I worked in the energy industry on modeling the entire world economy, for the purpose of planning the capital investment of BP in the North Slope. I also wrote the front end for the North Slope oil field maintenance software. I was offered the opportunity to go to work for NetApp in 1997 as their first database technical marketing engineer. In that position, I validated the NFS protocol for use in storing Oracle databases. Subsequently, I managed the SAN portion of the NetApp database technical marketing organization, and then led a group of Global SEs who roamed the world selling NetApp technology to enterprise customers. In 2005, I left NetApp to join EMC where I work as an Oracle subject manager expert, and am responsible for overseeing the ECN community known as Everything Oracle at EMC. I am also a leading advocate for the use of VMware vSphere to virtualize Oracle Database and RAC.
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